The best things to do in Lisbon with Kids and Family

Lisbon is a wonderful city to travel with family and we can say it for sure because it is our city. Until recently, it was a little unknown to tourists but, with the increase of low-cost airlines operating to Lisbon, and with an airport in the center of the city, Lisbon is now one of the hottest European city breaks destination. 

With a fantastic climate, an immense cultural offer, a wonderful gastronomic offer, one of the safest cities in the world, and prices far below than most European capitals, we can say that Lisbon is at the moment in fashion and, it seems that this fashion is for Continue.

Reasons to visit Lisbon with Kids

Lisbon is a perfect place to travel with kids, for a lot of reasons: Hotels often offer rooms for families, often with the possibility of staying free or with special prices. Also in most restaurants children are welcome. Eating, and especially eating well is fundamental to Portuguese, and it is often that Portuguese’s take their children to restaurants, often late at night, so children in restaurants are something perfectly natural. Almost all restaurants have children’s chairs, children's own menus and, in many cases, the size of the servings of food is so big that it easily splits by the adult and the child. It’s perfectly natural for the restaurant to give an extra plate and cutlery to the child to eat from the parent's meal.

So, more and more tourists come to our city and, as well hopefully, also come as a family. The cultural offer is immense, and a family that comes to Lisbon will have to make choices about what to visit since it is impossible to see everything.

In order to help, we wanted to give our opinion on what to do in Lisbon with kids and family. The number of options is enormous and impossible to name all but here is our choice about what not to miss in Lisbon when traveling with kids:

The 1998 World Exposition was held in Lisbon and this led to the requalification of a Lisbon area that was degraded and heavily marked by the existing industries.

Nevertheless, all the requalification of the zone allowed the city to gain a new space next to the River Tagus (Tejo for Portuguese’s), obligatory to visit in your trip to Lisbon and, where are some of the main attractions for families, namely:

. Oceanário: The Lisbon Oceanarium is a Museum of Maritime Biology, and was built to be the main attraction of Expo 98. After 20 years, it remains one of the largest oceanariums in the world and has an extensive collection of species, whether mammals, fish, birds and other marine inhabitants. It is important to note that in 2017 was considered the best oceanarium in the world by TripAdvisor. A visit that can’t fail.

For more information, including prices and times, see the website here.

. Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Ciência Viva (Knowledge Pavilion – Life Science): Right next to the Lisbon Oceanarium is the Pavilion of Knowledge, another must visit for anyone visiting Lisbon. We can say that the main purpose of this space is to prove that science can be fun and, after visiting it, will see that it fulfills its mission well. This is another space that has enriched Lisbon after Expo 98 and is a very interactive science and technology museum that aims to encourage the exploration and experimentation of the world of science by children.

The number of activities and experiences you can perform is enormous and fun and is undoubtedly one of the best activities to do with your children in Lisbon. To access more information, namely on prices, timetables and temporary exhibitions, see the website here. 

. Cable Car in Parque das Nações: You can end your day at the Parque das Nações in Lisbon with a beautiful walk along the river, but if you want to rest a bit, we recommend you to take the cable car right next to the Oceanário: He goes near the Bridge Vasco da Gama, in an extension of about 100 meters. From here you will have a breathtaking view of the Tagus River and, especially on sunny days, you will be able to enjoy all its beauty. What we recommend is to buy the ticket only one way (or return) and take the other route on foot to enjoy this privileged area of contact with the river.

To access more information, including prices, see the website here.

. Lisbon Downtown: No trip to Lisbon is complete without a visit to Baixa de Lisboa (Downtown). Baixa de Lisboa can be considered the Heart of the City and was one of the areas most destroyed by the earthquake of 1755, which destroyed much of the city and killed thousands. After its remodeling, through the celebrated Marquês do Pombal, was constituted of magnificent avenues and squares, in which the light reigns and, nowadays, is full of life, commerce and people.

A Stroll through Downtown Lisbon:

We leave here some points to visit in downtown Lisbon, although more than the indicated places, it is always best to explore on foot the different streets and squares:


. Praça do Comércio: This is one of the most emblematic and historical places of Lisbon, facing the Tagus River and with the statue of King D. José I marking the center. Do not miss exploring the Cais das Colinas, by the river. This is undoubtedly the perfect place to start or end a day in Lisbon. At the end of the afternoon, be sure to explore its esplanades for a refreshing drink or a delicious ice cream.


. Lisbon Story Center: At Praça do Comércio you will find the Lisbon Story Center. This is a new and modern Museum, that tells the history of Lisbon in a very interactive and fun way, with a special focus on the 1755 earthquake and the way the city's history has changed. Fundamental to understand the history of Lisbon and Portugal, in a very interesting and fun way.

For more information, including prices and times, see the website here.

. Santa Justa Elevator: Passing through the Arch of Augusta Street and “Rua Augusta”, a mandatory visit passes through the Santa Justa Elevator, also known as “Elevador do Carmo”.

This elevator, inaugurated in 1902, is one of the most interesting monuments of Lisbon's Downtown and will allow a quick ascent to the Ruins of Igreja do Carmo. This is an industrial-era lift, magnificently crafted in cast iron that will make you feel in 1900. The journey is fast but a must-do for a family trip.

To access more information, including prices and times, see its website here.

. Carmo Convent: After climbing the elevator you can visit the Ruins of the Convento do Carmo, a former convent of the XIV century, but that was partially destroyed in the earthquake of 1755. Nowadays it’s the Archaeological Museum of Carmo and, without doubt, an interesting visit, with pieces that go from the prehistoric times until the present time.

However, in case you do not want to enter, you can enjoy the exterior of the old Convent and enjoy visiting the “Terraços do Carmo”. This is a totally renovated space where you can enjoy an amazing view of the city, have a drink or just relax at the end of a day. A must do.


To check more information about the Archaeological Museum of Carmo, namely about prices and schedules, check their website here.

. São Jorge Castle: This is undoubtedly one of the highlights of a visit to Lisbon, which will delight children and adults alike. But get ready, because to get there, if you do it on foot, it will be a big walk, but it's beautiful and it will be worth it.

After leaving the wide avenues of the Pombalina Baixa, the Castle is located in the old medieval area, with narrower streets, that allows you to imagine what the city would be like before the earthquake of 1755. The whole surrounding area is attractive and worthy of a wonderful walk, in which you will feel flooded by the delicious smell of food from the different restaurants in the area and listen to the sound of Fado, the traditional Portuguese music, now Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

The São Jorge Castle is at the top of the Hill and its date of foundation is from the XI century, still before the emergence of Portugal as a nation. Of highly fortified specimen, its top seems to protect the city of Lisbon and, its visit is mandatory when in Lisbon. Enjoy the great view of the City and the Tagus River from the Castle.

To access more information, including prices and schedules, see their website here.

. Tram 28: Another must-see experience for anyone coming to Lisbon is to catch Tram 28. Here it is almost like picking up an electric time machine for history. This is a circular trip that passes through a vast set of historic districts, which can start at Martim Moniz, passing by Anjos, Graça, Portas do Sol, Mirador de Santa Lúzia, Rua da Conceição, Chiado, Camões Square, Bica e Estrela. You'll love it, as well as your kids.


To access more information, including prices and times, see the website here.


This is one of the most beautiful tourist areas of Lisbon and many tourist attractions are within easy reach on foot. This is an area that cannot miss on any visit to Lisbon and for those who travel with family, has numerous points of attraction.

. Tower of Belém: The “Torre de Belém” is one of the most emblematic monuments of Portugal and one of the greatest symbols of the period in which it was the owner of a vast empire worldwide. Built at the beginning of the 16th century, it is an icon of the architecture of the reign of King D. Manuel I of Portugal, which was built to serve as a defense post of the Tagus River, and is still decorated with several pieces of artillery. Seeing outside is good but we really recommend you to look inside.

You can go for free on Sundays morning and it is possible to buy a joint ticket with the Jerónimos Monastery, another of the visits not to be missed. To access more information, namely on prices and times, see the website here.

. Jeronimos Monastery (Mosteiro dos Gerónimos): In the reign of King D. Manuel I of Portugal, at the end of the 15th century, one of the most beautiful architectural works of the country was built, namely the Jerónimos Monastery. It is possible to visit only the Church for free but we recommend the full visit, as this is one of the most beautiful monasteries you can ever visit.

To access more information, namely on prices and schedules, see their website here.

. National Coach Museum: "The Museu dos Coches", as it is known in Portugal, is one of the best museums of Portugal and, for good reason, because it has a great collection, rich and varied, that covers various items related to coach and cavalry over several centuries of the history of Portugal. This is one of the museums that you can not miss on your visit to Lisbon. Recently moved to more modern facilities, but also in Belém. 

To access more information, namely on prices and schedules, check their website here.

. Museum of Electricity: About 500 meters walk from the Museum of Coach, it’s possible to visit the Museum of Electricity. This riverfront museum takes you into the history of electricity, from the days of coal and the way it was produced in the museum building, to the renewable energies, while still leaving children with interactive experiences with electricity. This museum often has temporary art exhibitions.


For more information, including prices, times and temporary exhibitions, see their website here.

. Rent a bike and walk along the river: A walk that cannot be missed in Lisbon is a walk along the river in the parish of Belém. Better yet, enjoy the good weather of the city and rent bicycles for a bike ride. Next to the river is the best place to bike in Lisbon, because it’s totally flat, unlike the rest of the city, known for its 7 hills.


For more information on renting bicycles in Belém see this page on Facebook.

. House of Pastéis de Belém: Of course, you cannot go to Belém and not eat one of the best cakes in the world, the Pastel de Belém. House of Pastéis de Belém is right next to the Jeronimos Monastery, and that's where the recipe came from which led to the elaboration of this delicious delicacy. This is a delightful help to give you strength for the rest of the day. Do not go without experimenting. Our advice is to add cinnamon, but the best is to try one without cinnamon and another with cinnamon, then you choose the one that you love more and, eat one more…


. Hippotrip: Just a little outside the parish of Belém, but still along the Tagus River, under the Bridge 25 de Abril, a new attraction has emerged that will leave children and adults fascinated, the Hippotrip. Hippotrip is an amphibious vehicle that offers the possibility of taking a bus ride through Lisbon's city center and, without leaving your seat, a boat trip along the Tagus River. It is a 90-minute journey that has been successful and, it is certainly different.


For more information, including prices and times, see their website here.

. Passing Tagus River in “Cacilheiro”: If you want to stroll along the Tagus River in a more economical way, feeling like a local, do not miss the "Cacilheiro". This boat crossing, connecting the Cais do Sodré to Cacilhas is part of Lisbon's history, especially before the inauguration of the 25 de Abril Bridge in 1966. However, even after the inauguration of the bridge, it is still used today by thousands of Portuguese who use this means of transport to make the connection between the two coasts.

It is a trip of about 15 minutes, and there are boats with high frequency. Make the most of photos of Lisbon as you reach the South Bank, as well as the Cristo Rei statue as you move away from Lisbon. We leave the suggestion of trying to sit by the doors, as the windows are usually cleaner on this side and provide a better view.


To access more information, namely on prices and times, see their website here.

. Lisbon Zoo: If you want your child to have a spectacular day, which you will not forget, you cannot miss the Lisbon Zoo. Located in the area of Sete Rios, easily accessible by subway via the Blue Line, is one of the richest Zoological Gardens in the world, with more than 360 species and 2000 animals, which are sure to delight everyone.


To access more information, including prices and times, see their website here.

. Benfica Stadium and Museum tour: And, since you are in Lisbon, can it be a better experience for a child that loves soccer than to go see the Stadium and the Museum of the biggest team of Portugal, Benfica? Or, even better, to see a soccer game? It's perfect and safe for kids and, easy to get my subway and, a great experience for all. There's also a family ticket for the games.

Find out all about the prices, games, and dates on Benfica Site here.

City Parks

Lisbon is an old city full of history and also with many gardens and parks, ideal for a walk, to relax or to let your kids run and play at will. Here is a list of some:


. Jardim da Estrela: With almost 200 years and situated in the center of the city, it has a playground that will leave your kids crazy. It is also ideal for picnics, to sit on a terrace or feed the ducks. See it on google maps here.

. Gulbenkian Gardens: This is a more modern garden, but full of nooks and crannies, ideal for adventures or just lying on the lawn to rest. See it on google maps here.

. Eduardo VII Park: This is the largest park in the city center and was baptized in 1903, during the visit of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom to Lisbon. This green corridor in the middle of the city provides, at its top, a beautiful and iconic view of the city.  See it on google maps here.

Also note the Lisbon Greenhouse is situated in the park, which you can visit. There are also several events of the city, with more emphasis on the Book Fair, held annually in its space.


The visit to the park is free but, but, not the Greenhouse. For more information about the Lisbon Greenhouse, including prices and schedules, see their website here.

. Monsanto: Situated outside the city center, this is the lung of the city and the largest park in the city. Here you will find the largest playgrounds in Lisbon, the best places to run, bike or just have a picnic and relax. 

Day Trips from Lisbon

If your trip to Lisbon lasts for a few days (and we suggest it to be), we would suggest some day trips that will leave everyone cheerful:

. Sintra: It’s a village easily reached by train from the center of Lisbon, and it is as if you arrived in the middle of a fairy tale. This is undoubtedly one of the most romantic villages in the world, but also full of magic and fantasy. The palaces, statues, the castle, statues, the mystery, will delight the whole family. We leave as main highlights the visit to the Park and National Palace of Pena, the Quinta da Regaleira, the Palace of Seteais, stroll or walk through the village and to Moorish Castle.


Something that we could not fail to recommend to everyone is to try the delicious Sintra Travesseiros and Queijadas, which are sold in the Casa Piriquita pastry shop, right in the center of the village. You can see here our one-day itinerary in Sintra.

To get there, take the train in Rossio in the direction of Sintra. See here how to get there.

. Óbidos: In case of renting a car, it is about an hour from Lisbon, but if you do not rent it, there’s a huge offer from different tour operators of day trips to Óbidos Village. Óbidos is a medieval village, surrounded by its castle, with its imposing walls of the XIV century, and very well preserved. It will make your children feel true knights.

It is often possible to join this day trip with other attractions in the western part of the country, such as the Monasteries of Batalha and Alcobaça.

. Beaches: The city of Lisbon is located at the junction of the Tagus River and Atlantic Sea, and Lisbon has always had a great connection with the sea and, especially, its beaches.

It's common that, as soon as sunny days approach, the beaches of the Lisbon area are filled with people, whether for bathing in the sea, or to entertain on the esplanades by the sea or just relax or, more and more known as an international destination, for surfing.

You can choose between Cascais (see here how to get there from Lisbon), Ericeira, Costa da Caparica ... The offer is vast and sure your sons will love it. 

Some advice when traveling to Lisbon with Kids

Bring the stroller: The city is known as the city of Seven Hills, so it’s not flat. There will be a lot to get up and down. Do not forget to bring the stroller as it will be of great help if you have a small child.

. Watch out for high heels: The Portuguese sidewalk on the historic neighborhoods are beautiful, and one of the attractions of the city. However, it is not easy to walk in thin heels so, for moms, it is recommended more comfortable footwear. 

Sunscreen and sunglasses: Portugal usually has more than 300 days of sunshine a year, and Lisbon is a city with a beautiful color, a wonderful light but, this also has its risks, so do not forget to bring your sunscreen or buy it at any convenience store. For your kids and for adults too!

. Drink lots of water: With the heat also comes the risk of dehydration, especially for kids. So it's always recommended that you drink plenty of water. Tap water in Portugal is extremely good, so be green and bring your reusable bottle and fill it as often as you want.

. Do not come driving to the city center: Parking in the city is not easy and is expensive. The city is well supplied by public transport and many of the attractions are within easy reach on foot. Also, the use of the taxi in the city is not expensive and, cheaper still is the UBER and Cabify, other alternatives. If your desire is to explore the country beyond the city, then we recommend that you rent a car and take a road-trip around the country, you will love getting to know our beautiful country.

We hope that our article will help you plan your trip to Lisbon and if you still do not have a place to stay, we always do our reservations with booking, they are our partners and it's with them that we get the best deals. You can look for the best deals in your destiny by clicking here, it will not cost you any money and, it helps us to support our blog.

We invite you to see here our itinerary for a 3 days family travel in Lisbon, we hope you like it. We also would like to ask you to give us your opinion, questions, and tips, by using the comments box. Thanks for your visit to our Non Stop Family Travel Blog, come back often and, if you liked our article, do not forget to share it with your friends.


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