Best Pad Thai in Bangkok - Thip Samai

During our trip to Bangkok (you can see here the itinerary of our family trip here) we were able to eat wonderful Thai food but, our last dinner was perhaps the best meal in Thailand. What's more, for an incredible price!

Therefore, we could not fail to bring you this tip, which can be very useful when you are traveling (or preparing your trip) to Thailand.

For those who don't know, Pad Thai is known as the national dish of Thailand and,, when you are traveling through Bangkok, you will receive dozens of invitations to enter different restaurants to eat Pad Thai.

Originally known as street food and a cheap meal option, Pad Thai is now the best known dish in the country. Pad Thai is made with soaked dried rice noodles, which are stir-fried with eggs and chopped firm tofu, and flavored with tamarind pulp, fish sauce, dried shrimp, garlic or shallots, red chili pepper and palm sugar and served with lime wedges and often chopped roasted peanuts.

In Thailand you can eat this delicacy in all types of restaurants, from street restaurants to the most expensive ones, and you can choose different flavors and accompaniments (in our case, the preferred was shrimp).

Thip Samai

Let's then talk about the reason for this post, which is to talk about the best Pad Thai we have eaten in Thailand, and it was in Thip Samai restaurant (you can see here the exact location on Google maps) 

If you stay in "old Bangkok" (our hotel was close to Khao San Road), you can easily reach Thip Samai restaurant on foot, but if you can't do this (or don't want to do), we recommend the famous Bangkok tuk tuk, as well as taxis or using the Grab car application, which always worked very well during our trip to Thailand.


Thip Samai restaurant and Pad Thai is so connected to the history of Thailand that there's even a cartoon explaining it. Here's the story:

When you arrive at Thip Samai you will see that the place is not luxurious but, you will also probably come across a long queue (often a sign of good food), which is normal but, we can assure you that the service is fast and, as the food is cooked outside the restaurant, in the street, you will be able to observe the spectacle that is to see a team in perfect synchrony. Believe me, you will be marvel.
As we mentioned, the queue goes fast and, upon entering, will verify that although the price of the meal is cheap, you will pay for some extras, namely even for the air conditioning of the restaurant, but nothing that makes this restaurant expensive. On the contrary, it is an extraordinary meal for a very low price.

When you sit down, you will have at your disposal a small paper with the different possibilities of choice. In our case, we chose the Pad Thai Superb (90 BAHT, less than $3USD or € 2.5) and it was perfect. 
Regarding drinks, there is nothing more than water and a delicious orange juice, but if you choose juice, prepare yourself as it will be more expensive than your dish.
Just write your request and wait, as the service is very brief and you will quickly have a Thai Pad in front of you, perfectly wrapped in a thin layer of delicious fried egg, that works great either visually or on the palate.
It may be difficult to have an waitress who speaks English, but this does not result in any problem. The paper in which you will make your requests is in English and everything else is easy to communicate.

Pad Thai to go

If you don't want to wait to be seated in Thip Samai restaurant (we recommend you to wait, for the full experience), you can also order to take your food and then it will be served more quickly.

Thip Samai

This was, for us, Pad Thai's ultimate Thai experience, and the only problem is, after we eat there, we didn't had the chance to return and, on the remaining days of our family trip through Thailand, all the Pad Thai we ate were a small disappointment, compared to this extraordinary meal. If we one day return to Bangkok, for sure we will return.
Restaurant opening hours:
This restaurant operates every day of the week but only for dinner from 5pm to 2pm.

313 Th Maha Chai | Pranakorn, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

+66 2 226 6666

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  1. I love Pad Thai. And as you have said the best food comes out of those long queues and street kitchens. Will make it a point to visit this place on my next trip.