Five days in New York: Itinerary for a family trip - PART 4

When we get to the fourth day of our trip, we began to realize how fast time passes when we are having fun and in New York we feel that time flies!

As we have always liked to mention, when we travel, we like to organize our itineraries in order to reconcile the tastes of children and adults, although this is often confused, as it is not easy to say what it is for children and what it is for adults and, this our fourth day spent so much for that experience.

We will leave our itinerary for the day in New York and then we will describe the various steps we have taken.

1- Lego Store in Rockefeller Center

2- St. Patrick's Cathedral

3- Rockefeller Center and Top of the Rock

4- NBC Studios and Radio City Music Hall

5- Lunch at the Carnegie Delli

6- Toy store FAO Schwarz

7- Apple Store 5th Avenue

8- Plaza Hotel

9- Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

10- The Morgan Library & Museum

Lego Store in Rockefeller Center

At the beginning of this article, we were talking about how difficult it is sometimes to separate activities for children from adult to adult, as they often blend and confuse. Our first destination of the day was precisely this mix. In Portugal (our country), unfortunately there is no large store dedicated to lego, so the offer is not the best. Of course, when we want to buy something that we do not find in a store, we currently have the option online, which has often served us (we're crazy at home, too), but getting lost in a Lego store was something " of the family very much desired, so this was our first destination of the day. Needless to say, how excited our son (and his father) was.

So we headed there in the morning to Rockefeller Center, going straight to the Lego store, where we lost for a LONG time. Besides the purchases we made, it was wonderful to be able to just play with legos, to explore and see, to see. We had never seen the possibility of buying only the pieces we wanted, as well as combining our mini figures and buying, we really loved it. As for prices, udo depends on the exchange rate, but when we went there (2015) the prices compensated when compared with Europe. However, it is worth a lot.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

This Cathedral, just in the middle of Fifth Avenue near Rockefeller Center is both impressive as beautiful on the outside, but what impressed us most is its interior and, in particular, the silence that prevails there. As you enter, you quickly forget you are on 5th Avenue. No doubt a must-stop in this Cathedral that was built between 1858 and 1878 and designed by architect James Renwick, Jr. and is a historic building in New York City.

If you want to know more about your hostory and opening hours, you can consult its official site HERE.

Rockefeller Center and Top of the Rock

After leaving the Lego Store, we continue to peer through the Rockefeller Center. This conundrum of buildings is huge and even more stunning near Christmas, where there is placed the famous giant Christmas tree as well as the skating rink. As we did not go in the winter, but in the summer, we could not enjoy these attractions but the Rockefeller Center is in itself very captivating, luxurious and worth to spend a few hours here, especially to climb to the Top of the Rock.

Top of the Rock

The Top of the Rock was our second choice to see New York City at the height of its splendor, and the main reasons we wanted to climb this skyscraper was also because it offers the possibility, on the one hand, to observe the skyline of the city with Empire Estate, which is beautiful and another reason is that it makes it possible to see Central Park on the opposite side.
We did this visit before lunch, with a beautiful day of sun and, as we bought our tickets online (see HERE how to buy your ticket), we saved valuable time and, although there were many people when we went, we did not spend much time at wait and, we always get a clear view over the city.

Still at Rockefeller Center, do not forget to check out NBC studios, where the famous Saturday Night Live program is filmed, as well as stroll along Radio City Music Hall.

NBC Studios

We have just passed NBC studios but for those who are a fan, there is the possibility of doing a Tour, which will allow you to know the backstage of some of the most famous programs in the world (for example, we love Jimmy Fallon, who records his shows here).

If you wish to take this tour, you can access more information HERE. There is also the possibility of attending some of the shows that take place (including that of Jimmy Fallon) but this often requires a few hours of waiting. The way to get the ticket differs for each show, so here is a LINK that will explain the different steps to get your ticket as well as some important tips.

Radio City Music Hall

This concert hall and radio is iconic in New York, but here we just walk by the door to explore its façade. However, if you want to know better or even go to a concert, check the link HERE.

Lunch at the Carnegie Delli

The morning was already huge and despite a mid-morning snack, it was time for lunch, and we are forced to say that we were fans of pastrami sandwiches and after our wonderful experience at Katz's Delicatessen (you can see HERE on our third day in New York), today we were planning to go in the direction of another Delli also famous for selling the best pastrami sandwiches in New York, namely the Carnegie Delli.

This location is relatively close to the Rockefeller Center, so the walking time has been shortened but upon arrival we found a considerable queue at the door. This is usually a sign of good food, but hunger is already tight. However, we waited there and after about an hour we managed to eat our pastrami sandwich and also did not resist sampling the cheesecake.

We are obliged to say that, both are fabulous. We loved pastrami sandwiches as well as cheesecake, to the point that we can not tell you what the best sandwich is, whether it's Katz's Delicatessen or Carnegie Delli. We wood love to challenge the reader to try both but, but unfortunately, this property has already closed in its old location, so anyone who is going to stroll around New York will not be able to tell us about their experience. You can see here a video about the closing of Carnegie Delli and the huge queues that were created for those who wanted to taste these flavors one last time.
However, we have to say that our experience at Katz's Deli was most enjoyable. On the one hand, our expectations were already high due to the passion for the film that took us first to the place (When Harry met Sally) but, although both spaces were spectacular, we had a care by the staff at Katz's Delicatessen very more sympathetic, unlike the Carnegie Delli that, in our experience, was not the best.

However, nothing that has spoiled our experience at the place, which was great and we love it.

FAO Schwarz Toy Store

One of the movies that marked our life was the celebrated BIG, with the most iconic scene taking place in a toy store with actor Tom Hanks dancing and playing on a giant piano. Well, this store, which also features Home Alone 2, is FAO Schwarz, and we had the opportunity to visit it, and our son, to walk and play the famous piano on the floor.
We just do not know if anyone who liked it most was him or us but, it's a wonderful experience. In addition to the piano, you'll find all the toys you can imagine, from the traditional to the modern, and it's one of those experiences that is perfect for children and adults alike.
Unfortunately, after our trip, we learned that the store closed almost immediately after our trip. However, for those preparing their trip to New York, you can visit the new store from November 16, 2018. However, it is not located in its former location, but at number 30 Rockefeller Plaza .

To learn more about the store and its history, be sure to check out their website HERE.

Apple Store 5th Avenue

Just near the old FAO Schwarz store is the 5th Avenue Apple Store. We did just a quick visit and, the glass cube on the outside was what most captivated us.
However, if you are coming to buy new technologies from Apple, we recommend Apple's Grand Central Terminal store, as it is usually less crowded and easier to get a better service (learn more HERE at the post on our second day in New York ).

Plaza Hotel

Whoever has seen Home Alone 2, you will not forget that the hotel where Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) is staying in New York is the Plaza Hotel. This luxury hotel is a historic landmark of the city and, also one of the most luxurious. However, it is a long way from our financial capabilities, so we just admire its exterior and wander around, dreaming that maybe one day we can stay there.
See here this when "Kevin" arrives at the hotel and gets a help from Trump.

Museum of Modern Art (Moma)

One of the museums that we adults wanted to visit was the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and after researching information at home, we discovered that it was possible to visit it free of charge on Friday afternoon, so we organized the itinerary of our family trip in New York to leave a few hours on Friday afternoon to see the museum.
If you would like to visit the museum (which we highly recommend), we advise you to address it a little before 4 pm on Friday. The queue to enter for free at the Museum starts at the door that leads to 54 street (you can see the exact spot here on Google maps). Although the queue is big, after 4:00 p.m., you will see that it will take very little time to enter, and you will appreciate all the moments that will pass there.

If you wish to know more about the museum, timetables, prices, temporary exhibitions, or purchase tickets online for other dates, you can consult the website of the same HERE.

The Morgan Library & Museum

There at home we are fans of books and libraries and from the birth of our son we have tried to convey this passion to our son (which has been very successful to date, we are very fortunately forced to acknowledge.

One of the visits we most want to do is not, however, one of the most famous attractions in New York, unfairly, we must say. We spoke to The Morgan Library & Museum which, it was our last visit of the day. Well, after our visit to MoMA, we went down 5th Avenue (there's always something new and interesting on that avenue) and we went to our new destination, The Morgan Library & Museum (you can see the exact location on Google Maps HERE).

This Library & Museum was the former home / office / library of the famous JP Morgan banker, who resided in New York. The house itself is impressive, with a beautiful architecture that achieves a perfect blend of old and modern. When we made our visit, there was a convertible music flow, which made the whole visit more perfect.

Check this cool youtube video so you get to know a litle more:
For us, the main reason for our visit was the precious collection inside those walls. On this visit, we could see a bible printed in the Gutemberg press, Mozart's original scores, Ravel, Lizt, Livos and original texts by Faust, Goethe, books with hundreds of years, even Bob Dylan's writings !!! It is an exhibition that deserves much in time that there will be. Besides, there are temporary exhibitions that you can visit.

And why did we go on Friday too? Because once again we could make this precious visit for free! Also The Morgan Library & Museum offers the possibility to visit it free of charge on Friday, from 7pm to 9pm, something that we made the most of.

If you would like to know more about prices, times and temporary exhibitions, be sure to check out their official website HERE. Although this is not one of New York's best known places, we highly recommend your visit, we promise you will not regret it.

Finished this day, we had decided to return to Korean Town for dinner before heading to the Hotel for the well-deserved rest, but on the way we discovered a street food sale where we were able to eat delicious tacos which turned out to be one of the best meals during our stay, also for very reasonable prices.
We hope you enjoy our itinerary for the fourth day in New York. If you want, you can see our fifth and last day of our family trip in New York by clicking HERE. Do not forget to leave your comment and recommend our Non Stop Family blog, we would love to know your opinion and feedback.


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